Letter: Problem is entitled movie-goers


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Having been away on business for the past two weeks, I had not seen the exchange of letters to the editor regarding the Beacon Cinema's policy regarding patrons bringing in outside food. As I read them, I was struck by the amazing absurdity of the situation, as I have never known of any movie house that tolerated outside food.

However absurd the situation may have seemed at first, it was elevated to the bizarre by the publication of the Eagle's editorial on Saturday, which struck an odd and ambivalent stance regarding the policy. By trying to appease everyone, it settles nothing at all. Perhaps the strangest notion is the comparison of a late night audience at "Spiderman 2," and insinuating that in some way they are less worthy to smuggle food in than patrons at the opera broadcast. The reality is that the theater has a policy, and has the right to enforce that policy. In all likelihood, if one deems fit to break such a policy, they are not likely to pleasantly cease their activities when called into question by management.

At issue here are people who feel that they stand over and above the policies of the theater and feel they are a law unto themselves. The thing that is truly sad and has not been addressed is that such individuals are likely to be self-involved, and care little about disturbing the experience of other patrons who have chosen to abide by simple and ordinary rules.




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