Letter: Project opponents didn't stereotype

Project opponents didn't stereotype

To the editor:

In response to the editorial in the Dec. 17 editorial "Insularity cripples housing efforts," I am one of the over 200 people who signed a petition to repeal the approval to convert the former Dalton High School to affordable housing. I do not consider us a "special interest group," nor do I acknowledge that we are against affordable housing for nefarious reasons.

On the contrary, if you are talking about low income, most of the opponents to this plan are not rich, do not live in high-end neighborhoods, and do not consider "low income" families with disdain or stereotype. I am offended by the implication that I am against affordable housing because of the type of people that will live there.

I have attended several meetings on this issue and have heard intelligent, knowledgeable questions about this project that our town Selectmen have been unable to answer. If Dalton is sporting a black eye, it's because they are trying to plunge forward with a huge project that they have not carefully prepared for. If they were prepared they would have been able to answer our questions with authority, not the general response that "we don't know at this point."

I live in a small, quiet neighborhood. Our homes are very close together and we all know one another. Imagine if that was your situation, perhaps it is. Now imagine plunking down 33 more families to your small neighborhood. Regardless of their income, it is going to put a strain on the already failing water and sewer issues, parking and traffic are going to be an issue, and probably your neighborhood is going to change dramatically.

I am not opposed to affordable housing. I am opposed to being told that I am part of an unreasonable, stereotyping special interest group that is giving Dalton a black eye.

Deidre Brainerd, Dalton


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