Letter: Prom partiers must respect private property

Prom partiers must respect private property

To the editor:

It's that time of the year again. Senior year is winding down, and the season of proms and graduations is upon us. Along with this unfortunately, come the celebrations and the "after-prom" parties.

When I was in high school, the legal drinking age was 18. Most of us didn't disrespect that, nor did we go out and party on someone else's property. More than likely, we had a party at our own home or a gathering with other fellow graduates.

Graduates and students these days are not only under the legal drinking age of 21, but are also partying on private property and being disrespectful to the landowner and family. This has taken place not only this year, following the high school proms, but in the past as well.

Yes, I am the landowner in question! Just this past weekend it occurred once again on a dead end road in Monroe, on our family property. Relatives went down and asked them to leave, and they did not respect that. They also thought it was OK to burn our own pile of wood chunks and logs which we had left there following a memorial service for my brother. This land was his pride and joy!

In the past, we've had to clean up this awful mess: broken glass, cans, nails, bottles, and a fire pit full of ashes. This is becoming more of a problem year after year, as students at one local school will tell those from another one to go here. It's not OK!

Lorie Birch, Florida, Mass.


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