Letter: Proven coach undermined at PHS


I recently heard from my father how after 31 years at the helm of the Pittsfield Generals baseball team, Coach Bob Moynihan is being asked to re-apply for his job this year.

To quote Derek Gentile of The Eagle, "In that span, Moynihan has a record of 428-188, giving him an outstanding .694 winning percentage. His teams have made it to seven Western Mass. finals, winning four. PHS has also has been to a state final in 2004." Would you really make this man re-apply for the job he has had excelled at for 31 years?

For perspective, basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke has a . 763 winning percentage over 34 years. Coach Buddy Pellerin, another man I know and respect, spent 19 years coaching for Pittsfield High School (baseball and softball), compiling over 300 victories. This list could go on and on at both the local and professional level for coaches with tenure, who dominate year in and year out.

I am a former player of Coach Moynihan's, co-captain of his 1998 team. After hearing about the saga unfolding, I found and read the other articles and letters to the editor about this. From what I gathered, there is a school board member who wants to oust coach and there a few parents who have been upset with their children's playing time. In all my years within the game, from age 9 to starting all four years in college, I can say that unhappy parents have a always been around at any level. But, you do not try to remove the coach because of this.

I have known coach for over 20 years. He was an instrumental factor as to why I was able to prolong my career through college. I too, was one of those kids who was not playing on Coach Moynihan's teams. What that did for me was push me even harder to get better, to reach for, and to succeed at my goals. My time and effort was finally rewarded toward the end of my junior year. Applying this mindset has helped shape me into the man I have become today. I have nothing but praise and admiration for Coach Moynihan. Actually, now I know him as Bobby, one of my good friends. He was one of the best coaches I have played for. He was always fair and put the best team he had on the field to compete.

Mr./Mrs. school board member, unhappy parents or anyone reading this, what would you do tomorrow if you were told that next year you have to apply for the current job you have? Does your résumé in your field look as good as Bob Moynihan's does in his?




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