Letter: Pursue justice, reject revenge


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Absorbing the international news today is a highly distressing experience. One has to wonder about the path so many distinctive groups of our fellow human beings are pursuing. It appears they seldom engage in a search for justice, but rather seek revenge.

Webster’s says of justice that it is -- "Administration of law, according to the rules of law or equity," "The principle of rectitude and just dealing of men with each other," "Right-
fulness." Rectitude, Webster’s describes as: "Undeviating adherence to moral standards; uprightness."

On the other hand, revenge, according to the same dictionary is: "To inflict harm or injury in return for," "vindictive retaliation." It doesn’t take a great deal of reflection to surmise that the world is greatly in need of much more justice rather than revenge, where so many of its citizens lose their lives.

Would that our leaders support a universal quest for justice and reject all efforts at revenge.


Canaan, N.Y.


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