Letter: Put emphasis on our commonality


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

How disheartening to read and hear, again and again, singular news stories of hate and bias, ostracism and bullying, abuse and worse. There’s a strong and selective politically correct tendency as well to specify perpetrator and victim alike by color, religion, politics, ethnic origin, education, belief, income and lifestyle. As if we are defined and accorded a specific expectation by one of these labels, like specimens or science experiments that represent the whole.

As a society, we could emphasize instead our commonality among the variations, and encourage reciprocal respect for all, regardless. And with the freedom to celebrate personal differences without imposition on others, hope that it would be reflected in more rational behavior and more rational laws that benefit the whole of society. Then the news might not be as sensational, but I guess we’d gladly tolerate that.


Great Barrington


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