Letter: Put negativity aside, back hotel proposal

Put negativity aside, back hotel proposal

To the editor:

Let us not lose sight of two of the most pressing concerns which continue to face Great Barrington residents today — high taxes/affordability and a lack of jobs.

Let us untangle ourselves from the mire of agendas and arguments against Vijay and Crystal Mahida's hotel proposal, and celebrate the fact that Great Barrington is able to attract viable opportunities for economic growth and job creation such as this. Rather than argue ourselves into corners, why don't we listen to, and work with, the Mahidas in ensuring that this project benefits the town in the best possible way? Instead of nitpicking ways to destroy a local family's dream, how about we focus on the economic impact, the brighter picture, the long-range views, and the positive attributes that this project will bring to the town in the form of increased tax revenue, rejuvenation to a vacant site, River Walk enhancements, job creation, and added foot traffic for local restaurants and businesses?

Let's elevate the discourse and stop arguing over spreadsheets, designs, and interpretations which serve only to distract and divide us. Instead, let's focus on preserving the affordability and vitality of Great Barrington by supporting this project.

I urge all those that have remained silent up until now to come forward with me and voice your support to the Selectboard.

Leigh Davis, Great Barrington The writer is a member of the Finance Committee.


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