Letter: Question 2 passage would hurt our public schools

Question 2 passage would hurt our schools

To the editor:

For half a century, I have been a part of public education — as a student, a support staff member, an administrator, a paraprofessional and now as a teacher. I have always been proud to be a product of and a participant in the public education system.

While charter schools certainly deserve a place in our community, I can personally attest to the high-quality value that a public school education provides most children. As the demands and challenges facing public education continue to increase, however, this is not the time to bleed more funding from this very vital community institution.

Allowing the number of charter schools in Massachusetts to increase by as many as 12 each year will do just that. Raising this cap will cause already limited resources in the form of our tax dollars to be spread even thinner, and usurping the oversight of our tax dollars from the officials that we as voters elect to make informed decisions about education will not benefit our children.

Please join me in voting NO on Question 2 in November.

Karen A. McHugh, Pittsfield


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