Letter: Questions on refugee program went unanswered

Questions on refugees went unanswered

To the editor:

I attended the forum at the Berkshire Athenaeum Monday night about the impact of the proposed refugee program and it was completely a one sided conversation.

The points were made under the assumption that all were there to contribute to the resettlement of Syrian refugees. I watched three veterans I side with try to ask questions and were told that nobody was allowed to voice their concerns about the massive effect it will do to this already run-down community.

I filled out their little questionnaire but they were not the questions I was concerned about. My views were about things the majority of people have no clue about. I hope to God my voice is heard. I left my name, where I live, my phone number and email address. If I do not hear from the so-called leaders. I, along with the other soldiers an the community of Columbia Arms, will have lost all faith in our country.

I sure hope those parking meter fees are set high enough as this program is going to cost all the poor people in the Columbia Arms community and myself.

Debbie S. Forte, Pittsfield


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