Letter: Raising animals just to kill them


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In response to the March 28 letter, "Raising animals for meat isn’t evil," in my opinion it is not only cruel but evil as well. People who raise animals on farms unfortunately do end up killing the animal for food on the table. This is very sad.

As a vegetarian for more than four years, I can’t understand how anyone with a heart can raise an animal, spend time with it, buy it food, give it water, and then take its life. I could maybe understand it if someone was still in the wilderness and had to hunt for food, but I wouldn’t even do that. As for hunting, I don’t even want to get into that.

So the letter writer is saying, the animal that will be your next meal also should be cared for and loved. To hear that makes it even more sad.

Let’s think about those poor animals whose lives were taken innocently and suddenly and the grocery store down the street where meets are already prepared. Personally, I will settle for a box of Triscuits and be very happy -- and happy for that animal I saved.




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