Letter: Rand Paul is only good choice for president

Rand Paul is only good choice for prez.

To the editor:

Dr. Rand Paul. Easily the "most interesting man in politics" as Time Magazine put it last year. I've read two books by him, watched every interview and have studied his responses to the media's questions in numerous articles. That is why, without a doubt, I can say he is the smartest politician since Reagan himself.

I am impressed with the way Dr. Paul criticizes the Fed and its reckless galloping inflation, which leads to a devalued dollar, a loss of protection of Americans' savings, and their purchasing power. It also leads to "taxation without Legislation" as Milton Friedman put it. By inflating the dollar, it puts Americans into different tax brackets that they would be in otherwise, resulting in more taxes, which they were already paying too much anyway.

On the record for taxes, no better tax plan exists to replace our current corrupt tax system than a 16.5 percent flat tax program. Specifically, with higher corporate taxes, either the shareholders are affected through smaller quarterly or annually dividends, customers affected by higher prices (which is usually drives the company to even smaller profits, making them less competitive) or the employees through layoffs and or corporate inversions.

On foreign policy, everyone is wrong and he is 100 percent right, we simply cannot afford anything we do now, let alone getting involved with other global affairs. On civil liberties, acts like the Patriot Act, which give the president authority to imprison anyone without trial if he believes they are an act of terrorism, all the way to civil forfeiture, which allows the government to seize property without probable cause, let alone a warrant, would cause our Founding Fathers to beg voters to wake up and make the right decision to put socialists like Sanders and Clinton out of the race, and make a real liberty fighter like Rand Paul president of these great United States.

However, with anyone but Dr. Paul in office next, I fear for the next phase of this country, which is already run by phony money, debt, bureaucrats, and politicians eager to keep their spots in office.

Jonathan Dos Santos, Becket


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