Letter: Random acts of kindness speak well of Pittsfield

Random acts of kindness speak well of Pittsfield

To the editor:

Pittsfield is a strong community!

Last Wednesday I placed my cell phone in the pocket of my car coat. Hours later I discovered it was missing. I retraced my steps on North Street to the YMCA where the staff searched with me for my smart phone without success.

I switched gears to stop by Jim's House of Shoes to purchase a pair of Capezios where I blathered about my loss to Mark. He immediately asked some crucial questions to help me problem solve.

Twice he phoned my cell number. Heidi at Paul Rich & Son answered. She informed Mark and me that a pedestrian noticed the turquoise phone in a pile of snow, picked it up and turned it in to the store. Later I found out that Heidi did some detective work too. The phone works and is safe. I feel so satisfied to have all that information back.

I am grateful to the observant eyes and honesty of the walker who noticed my phone. I am grateful to Heidi at Paul Rich and Son, and I am grateful and appreciate the kind concern and the sleuthing that Mark at Jim's House of Shoes offered. This one instance of communication and community cooperation is a marvelous example of how some people help one another and how random acts of kindness work in Pittsfield. Thank you!

Marietta Rapetti Cawse, Pittsfield


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