Letter: Rattlesnake island latest bad government idea

Rattlesnake island latest bad govt. idea

To the editor:

With our state parks begging for maintenance money, our bridges in serious need of repair, and government in general running deficits, who thought that establishing a new colony of pit vipers was a good use of tax money? We have five colonies of them in Massachusetts now, why do we need a sixth?

"They will be on an island and stay there," our wildlife experts proclaim. The fact that there is a causeway connecting the island with the mainland seems to have escaped these folks. Snakes can swim, but this fact has also has been ignored.

It's been years, even decades since someone was bitten by a rattler. As if this means it will never happen in the future. "Anti-venom is much better today than in the old days", they say. It would seem that not getting bit is a better idea.

If this is the best our government can do with our tax money, then perhaps we are paying too much.

By the way, I think mountain lions are on the endangered or threatened list. Since they are in short supply around here, maybe the DCR can import some.

Gary Crippa, Pittsfield


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