Letter: Red light cameras increase safety


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In the Jan. 24 Eagle there was an op-ed column by John Romano presenting the argument about red light cameras either being a safety precaution or a revenue generator. I believe the attitude about the revenue generation is misdirected. Using that phrase, all government-backed fines are revenue generators.

The presentation of red light cameras as sources of "free" money is an excuse put forth by those who have a paranoia about Big Brother. This is pure and simple a replacement for a police issued ticket. Should we have to spend more money on cops just to be able to dispense more tickets? If you are running that red light have you not broken the law? Just because you get away with a traffic violation, and heavens knows we are all guilty of it to one degree or another, does it make it right?

How often do we sit at an intersection on a red light wondering, when the light turns green, if the "other guy" approaching the now turning light from the cross road will decide to blow through a very red light and broadside our vehicle? I have seen far too many cars go through the crossing long after they had a red light. Not one that just turned red, but one that was red for several seconds.

While I am not a fan of the Big Brother perspective, I also believe that far too many drivers have become extremely aggressive at intersections. The cameras, and the posting of their existence, has seemed to reduce substantially the number of red light terrorists on the road at those intersections.

Now if we can only come up with a similar method of detecting phone users and texters.




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