Letter: Reflect on message of Christ on Christmas

Reflect on message of Christ on Christmas

To the editor:

Many years ago my son and his wife gave me a picture I had seen in a local gift shop. It is a print of the face of Christ and it said something to me from the first time I saw it. His eyes appear to be full of hope and his smile is a loving one. It hangs in my bedroom and I look at it often to remind me of what he taught us — to love one another. Also, I find it comforting at times when I'm feeling concerned by difficult situations that might arise.

Monday I read the thoughtful poem by Ruth Bass. How lucky we are to have her columns to keep us grounded and remind us of what we can be. Other local columnists we should be grateful for are Dorothy van den Honert, Michelle Gillett, Ed Udel and Anne Horrigan Geary. Often on the op-ed page are columns by Eugene Robinson (my favorite columnist), E.J. Dionne and others, whose words are informative and sensible. Though my interests lean more to the liberal take on current news, I also like David Brooks very much, a conservative writer who sees both sides and is fair in his views.

I regret that we have allowed Christmas to become so commercialized. On Christmas Eve and Christmas morning I hope all of us, Christians and non-Christians will be thinking of the man who taught us to love one another and remember that we are celebrating his birth.

Connie Dillon Yannone, Pittsfield


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