Letter: Reflecting upon Berkshire blessings


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Tuesday night was the 50th anniversary of our first visit to my aunt’s new home in Pittsfield and our first attendance at Tanglewood on Parade. As we drove into Lenox from our home in Otis, lightning and thunder preceded our turn onto Walker Street. Heavy rain followed as we reached the intersection with Main Street. Should we proceed? Should we turn back? The emergency weather bulletin on WAMC warned of potential countywide flooding.

We decided to do neither and instead enjoyed dinner at one of Lenox’s many fine restaurants. We surely could listen to John Williams conducting and the 1812 Overture on the way home or after we arrived there.

This detour became an opportunity to reflect on 50 years of enjoyable experiences. Our six-week-old daughter attended that first concert with us and hardly stirred as the cannons startled us and other newcomers to the event. Cathy recently celebrated her 50th birthday with family here in Otis.

Several visits and several years after our first concert we inherited the home in Pittsfield and became weekenders. We frequently listened to the Friday night Boston Symphony Orchestra concerts during the drive up from Garden City, New York.

Ten years ago, as part of our retirement plan, we moved from Pittsfield to our current home in Otis that would better accommodate our five daughters and their growing families when they visited. As we became more active in the Berkshires, at the Norman Rockwell Museum in particular, we made the decision to become full-timers, which we have been for three years.

We enjoy North County, South County, as well as surrounding counties. As our friendships develop here, we feel that we belong.

There is nothing like a sudden stormy night to stop and reflect on our blessings.




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