Letter: Reflecting upon Taconic glory days


Reflecting upon Taconic glory days

To the editor:

Having just visited Pittsfield last month, it was hard not to get choked up when driving down Valentine Road. Taconic High School, where I learned so much, had so much fun and grew up, will soon be gone (at least how I knew her).

I looked over the spots where we used to sneak cigarettes and plan our Boys Club dance adventures. If I closed my eyes, I could almost hear the voices of my childhood.

I'm not upset about what they're doing, I get it, just sad to see this place that meant so much to me get torn down. I'm hoping to get a brick from the building as a keepsake.

So, to all the future Braves, enjoy your new home when it's finished. But please remember us, the pioneers who stepped on this property in 1969. It was our home first. There were laughs, tears, victories and losses, fights and hugs shared on this sacred land. In the end, we walked away better people with love in our hearts for the teachers and councilors who molded us into future leaders.

I would hope that city leaders would honor us by keeping some little part of the old school as a memento of the past. But if not, we have our memories that will last forever. God bless Taconic High School and all who enter through her doors now and in the future. Go Braves!

Tom (Tiny) Sulock, Seattle, Wash.


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