Letter: Refugee crisis provides a test of US values

Refugee crisis offers a test of US values

To the editor:

Our 17-year-old granddaughter is in process of sending college applications. To fulfill a requirement for an essay on a newspaper article of choice, she chose one on the horrific events taking place in Paris. The essay was thoughtful, balanced, compassionate and well-informed. I dare say that a seasoned, even-handed journalist or politician would be pretty content to have written it.

The reason I am writing this letter is not to talk about my granddaughter. I simply wish to express indignation at the opportunity missed by those who aspire to be elected to govern. The events require mature and thoughtful actions by our government. And yet a substantial number of US governors propose barring the refugees from the Middle East from seeking asylum here.

They claim that this action is necessary to protect our country. And many politicians and journalists indulge themselves in irresponsible opinions in public and propose ill advised actions and policies that are not worthy of their positions in public life.

While it is true that some of he terrorists are likely to try to use this opportunity to enter our country posing as refugees, such concern cannot outweigh the moral obligation we have to accept as many refugees, as we can thoroughly vet and help settle them into a new life.

The sooner we accept the facts that this crisis of vast numbers of homeless people roaming the world in search of survival is not likely to go away by itself the better. It was in the making for many years now and was created by many factors. We, among others, are not blameless.

It is most important to ask "who are we?" Should we depose the Statue of Liberty from her pedestal? Are we weak and afraid enough to not only defend ourselves, but use our resources and compassion to help others. If we believe in our values we must join others to offer help and support to those who lost so much and who run in fear for their lives.

I respectfully appeal to Dr. Carson and others like him to show us that they do truly understand the need and are capable of practicing their devout faith.

Barbara Winters, Becket


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