Letter: Reid and Co. throttle job market


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

A recent featured financial columnist in the Wall Street Journal noted the following: The Senate chamber in 2013, under the masterful leadership and control of majority and highly partisan leadership of Senator Harry Reid, did not pass a single appropriations or jobs bill in 2013.

This is truly amazing. Who is dragging their feet and who wants to create jobs? How can the Senate really be concerned about job growth and the economy when the House passed more than 29 bills in 2013, many with substantial bipartisan support from democrats in the House, and then they were sent to the Senate where they died a partisan death when the Senate failed to pass a single appropriations or jobs bill during 2013.

Shame on the Democrats for refusing to bring most of the House’s passed legislation about jobs to the Senate floor for a vote. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has somehow decided that Republican amendments are unworthy of consideration. Sounds like "fair and balanced" stewardship, doesn’t it.

Sen. John McCain was recently asked to comment on whether he thought the Senate’s majority leader would allow any amendments to an unemployment bill before a vote. Senator McCain replied, "you’ll have to go and ask the dictator." Tell me what politician controls day to day business of the Senate? You win the prize. It’s the compassionate Democrats who can’t wait to turn unemployment benefits from a temporary measure into a permanent entitlement and can’t find $6.2 billion of waste in the bloated $3. 5 trillion dollar federal budget.

Answer this question: would you trust Senator Harry Reid to manage your employment future on a monthly basis with this kind of record? Who would you hire as your investment counselor: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, or some other Ouija board operator? Senator Reid’s partisan obstructionism seems like a perfect example of Washington’s dysfunctional nature in the area of job creation and fiscal economics. Pass no appropriations during 2013 when you hold the Majority in the Senate and then blame it on the Republicans. More significantly, this shows us who controls and creates the current, unending, dysfunctional nature of the Senate whether on immigration, unemployment, or health care, and a host of other subjects.

Of course, Democrats at the state and federal Senate level want to raise the minimum wage thereby guaranteeing that larger samples of our younger, unemployed economy will never find work, especially young black men who need entry-level work experience and whose unemployment rate is atrociously high.

Rather than bring certainty to the labor market, democrats, especially Senate Democrats, thrive on multiplying uncertainties, creating more, rather than less unemployment, refuse to pass appropriations bills solidly approved by Democrats and Republicans in the 2013 House.




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