Letter: Renewed faith in local health care


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I’ve been a lifelong resident of Pittsfield and had never been confident in BMC. I had reasons: misdiagnosis, mistreatment, lack of care by the staff, and so on. But recently, my husband was injured in a fall that required immediate surgery. He had complications, and has been on the telemetry floor for two weeks.

I can honestly say that the care we have received from the entire staff in telemetry some days brings me to tears. Every single person, from the people who valet my car, to the people who deliver his meals, to the custodians, the aides, the nurses, the doctors have treated us as if he were the most important person on their floor. I have noticed they treat every patient the exact same way. His orthopedic doctor checks in with him daily, even though he doesn’t need to. His two cardiologists work together as a team with the orthopedic doctor to ensure he received the correct amount of therapy and medication. The nurses and aides stop by to see him just to say hello even if he is not scheduled to be their patient for the day. The custodians chat with him about sports or the news, or how he is feeling. Even the people delivering his meals show they genuinely care about his health. His hospitalist even went so far to speak to my husband’s insurance company himself to secure a bed in BMC’s rehab unit.

And so on the day he is finally healthy enough for rehab, I must thank the entire telemetry floor at BMC for everything they have done to not only make my husband healthy again, but for giving us both the faith that BMC can be a hospital for all of us to be proud of. You will never realize how grateful we feel.





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