Letter: Replace Bernie signs with signs for Hillary

Replace Bernie signs with signs for Hillary

To the editor:

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, but I'm disappointed to still see some of his lawn signs around town. It's over — Hillary won. Bernie wants his voters to vote for her, and Bernie and Hillary agree on the vast majority of the issues. Bernie's great showing in the primaries also made Hillary and the DNC realize that most people want more progressive policies.

Trump apparently has narcissistic personality disorder, is dangerously ignorant, and, let's face it, is a spectacular jerk. He's so toxic to America that respectable Republicans skipped the convention and many have endorsed Hillary.

For those who still have a Bernie sign up, why is it so hard to replace that with a Hillary sign? The party needs to unite behind the winning candidate, or the other party's nominee could win, and do his best to enact policies that are overwhelmingly against your ideals.

If Bernie had won, what would you think of those who still had their Hillary signs up?

M. Brian Kelly, Pittsfield


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