Letter: Republican intransigence at root of gun problem

Republican intransigence at root of gun problem

To the editor:

Republicans: The only way grass will flourish is to pull the weeds out by their roots. Mowing will help skim the weeds but never cure the problem. Republicans: It is time to get rid of your mowers and get to the root of the problem with guns.

Republicans constantly refuse to help protect Americans from rampant gun violence. The recent massacres that killed 49 innocent people and injured 53 did not seem to faze you at all. What is the magic number to make you act before the next massacre?

The root of the problem is the Supreme Court's refusal to take up the challenge of possession of semi-automatic assault rifles and large-capacity magazines by ordinary citizens. The court has made it clear that present gun control law are fully consistent with the Second Amendment. When it was written, there weren't assault rifles and large-capacity magazines in existence. Settlers moving west needed guns for protection.

We must outlaw the use of assault rifles of all kinds by American manufacturers and stop all imports of these guns immediately. They should only be sold to the armed forces and all government agencies. Private citizens do NOT need them.

The roots now are hard to pull out because they are protected by the Supreme Court and the NRA. One day, a member of your family may be mowed down in a massacre.

Ken Chaitman, Dalton


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