Letter: Republican scare tactics won't produce jobs

GOP scare tactics won't produce jobs

To the editor:

The populism being promoted by the Republican Party is another fantasy created for older, white working people who have been left behind by the 21st century economy. While the official unemployment rate is, in fact, at historic lows, there are many who have lost good-paying jobs over the past 20 to 40 years. This job loss has little to do with trade and more to do with the exportation of jobs overseas, automation of certain jobs, and shifts in the economy away from manufacturing.

Creating tariffs on China, the largest producer of consumer goods which Americans rely upon, will mean an increase in prices at Walmart. Who will this hurt? The jobs that the conservative populist movement vaguely calls for are not coming back to America anytime soon nor in any big way.

It is Obama who may be the first president who really understands the global economy; hence, solutions for many are not easy or simple. Clearly, we have not done enough to retrain middle age workers since the economy started to shift in the 1970s.

With the apparent anger of so many, it can be argued that the new economy and displacement underlie other social issues, like anti-immigrant and racial scapegoating. Scaring people, as was evident at the Republican Convention, will not bring back jobs.

David West, Southfield


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