Letter: Respond to hate, fear by opening our hearts

Respond to hate, fear by opening our hearts

To the editor:

The July 21 editorial "Take the time to begin the healing process" on the opioid epidemic and the deep divisions within the country, ended with: "So, how do we heal? We need to somehow save our country from ourselves. That would be a start."

This is the first time that a presidential candidate has ever proudly shown off his qualifications for the office to be many of humanity's basest impulses. These are the shadows which need to be cleansed from all hearts — in thought, word, and act. At this time when people seem busier and ever more distracted in a digital world, many continue humanity's long history of turning away from the heart.

Opening the heart and asking for what is held deepest — the very highest ideals — is the Kingdom. Purifying the heart is what is needed to transform our poisons, within and without, to heal each one of us and the earth. Love is the balm to fear.

Gina James, Great Barrington


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