Letter: Restored Silver Lake under assault


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I took my class on a field trip to Pittsfield’s recently reclaimed Silver Lake on July 23. My class is doing a summer program on sustainability and Silver Lake is a great example in many ways.

If your readers remember, I wrote last summer about the War Memorial tower on Mount Greylock and promised to keep readers informed of other local wonders that can be preserved so all generations can enjoy them. Well, Silver Lake is one such wonder! I was excited when the cleanup began and my class followed the process and became inspired by it. The Sevenson Company did a great job. The lake looks inviting, attractive and serene. Yes, serene!

That is, until you walk the banks and come upon all sorts of trash, such as discarded bottles and cans, plastic wrappers, a broken fishing pole and even a tire sitting five feet off shore. My students were saddened when they saw this, and so was I. How could people treat the lake like that? It was just cleaned up.

There also seems to be oil leaking into the lake from the spot where General Electric had its storage tanks across the street on the boulevard. GE needs to check this out! Tim Gray (of the Housatonic River Initiative), are you listening?




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