Letter: Richmond voters must weigh in on camp plan

Richmond voters must weigh in on camp plan

To the editor:

In a Town Meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 18, citizens of Richmond will decide whether to buy the Girl Scouts' Camp Marion White for $1.375 million. Advocates see the purchase as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire beautiful wooded property along the shore of Richmond Pond and turn it into a town park. Opponents believe there is little likelihood that such a park would be used enough to justify the purchase price, capital improvements, liabilities, and ongoing operational and maintenance costs that would follow.

This is a big decision for a small town. My plea to the people of Richmond is to come out and vote, no matter which side you are on. A small turnout could result in grumbling and resentment afterward. A large turnout would ensure that winners and losers both knew that the outcome reflected the true wishes of most people in town.

We'll all have to live with the decision, whatever it is, so let's do it the right way and maintain the spirit of community that makes this town such a pleasant place to live.

Katherine Keenum Richmond


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