Letter: Road maintenance cuts will be costly to state

Road maintenance cuts will be costly to state

To the editor:

Apparently one of the state budget cuts made is to roadside mowing and maintenance. The sides of the state roads haven't been mowed since the one time they were haphazardly mowed last year. There are thousands of feet of deteriorated guard rails. The roadsides and guardrails have been taken over by brush, vines and weeds including the extremely poisonous wild parsnip and giant hog weed.

In some places the overgrowth of trees is extending into the roads and there are thousands of trees that need to be removed due to being a potential hazard just along Route 7. In many places the guard rails are totally obscured by brush, weeds and vines. The once well-maintained Massachusetts turnpike is now a disgrace.

Neglecting the problem only makes it worse and more costly in the long run. Maintenance is less costly than catch up and replacement.

Harold French, Stockbridge


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