Letter: Roberts' way off on Sanders analogy

Roberts' way off on Sanders analogy

To the editor:

Shame on Cokie and Steve Roberts for writing Bernie Sanders off by drawing a comparison with his campaign to that of McGovern and Mondale. ("With Sanders, Dems, risk a McGovern, Mondale repeat", op-ed, Feb. 2).

Their column was written before his very strong showing (virtually a dead heat) in Iowa which was reported as the closest Democratic caucus in history. Not bad for a self-avowed socialist in an Evangelical state.

They're giving him the kiss of death while the body is still breathing and very much alive. Not hard to see where their loyalties lie.

And so what if he was honest enough to mention that an increase in taxes would be necessary to bring the needed benefits to people who don't have them and desperately need them. Sure taxes hurt but without them, how will we ever make repairs to our crumbling infrastructure and keep necessary goods and services flowing to all of us. (Cut entitlements? No, I don't think so.) At least he didn't say, "Read my lips". I'm assuming that Cokie and her husband are too far removed from the millions of Americans who don't have what they take for granted.

And if most Americans can't feel the need for a single-payer health care program (or, in the columnists' words, are actually "afraid of the idea"), then they have to be educated in the same way they had to be to come around to thinking about the wisdom of some of the wars in which we have gotten involved. Does "Vietnam" ring a bell?

Their third point about Bernie running up against a difficult Congress holds no weight because it might be the very same Congress that stopped every decent piece of legislation suggested by President Obama in the last eight years. And I doubt if they will be any easier on Hillary.

Maybe, just maybe, if Bernie's keeps his momentum into New Hampshire and beyond, some of that Congress will be swept away with the jetsam and flotsam after the next congressional election.

Keep the faith. Feel the Bern.

Michael Symons, Otis


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