Letter: Rockwell Museum's dedicated leader


To the Editor of THE EAGLE:

I agree with the sincere letters and articles being written about the new Norman Rockwell book but there is one more important fact that should be mentioned.

After our children modeled for the artist, I took an interest in the Norman Rockwell Museum and worked for a decade there as a docent. I met wonderful people from all over the country and witnessed their deep appreciation for his work.

I was also able to observe director Laurie Norton Moffatt back when she was putting together the extraordinary two-volume "Definitive Catalogue" that contained the entirety of the artist’s work -- a Herculean effort.

When we moved to the new museum, I was more and more struck by an obvious fact. You will never find anyone on this planet -- not anyone -- as devoted, loyal and dedicated to Norman Rockwell and his legacy than Laurie Norton Moffatt. No one.

We can question the selling of this book at the museum. But what if the museum banned the selling of the book? That could create a global flack and storm of notoriety that could cause a hurricane of attention to it. There is no quick and easy answer here.

In the meantime, not being in her situation of having to think through all facets of the problem, I really wonder what any of us would have done in her situation.




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