Letter: Rockwell tempest isn’t justified


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

After reading one or two letters to the editor about Deborah Solomon’s biography of Norman Rockwell, I bought the book to see what all the fuss was about. I’ve just finished reading it, and found it to be beautifully written, carefully researched and structured -- all in all a marvelous read.

Rockwell was treated throughout with admiration and respect. I wonder whether the local critics have actually read the book or are reacting to the reaction of the two family members who were offended by it. In what way do these people think Rockwell has been defamed? How injured? Could it be that the author dared to bring up the question of whether Rockwell might have been homosexual? She decided that he wasn’t, but if she had decided that he was, surely that would not, in the 21st century, be an insult.

The only ones defamed by this brouhaha, in my view, are Deborah Solomon and [Norman Rockwell Museum director and CEO ] Laurie Norton Moffat. The book deserves a place in every library, and I am recommending it enthusiastically to everyone I know.


Great Barrington


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