Letter: Round up the usual smokers


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

So far this summer, The Eagle has run three articles on smoking tobacco. The first was the story of the Mill Apartments in Adams. As recounted, those opposing smoking proceeded carefully and showed every consideration to those few tenants still smoking tobacco. As expected by all regular readers of the Eagle, the story ended happily with the banning of smoking. Thus we learned that in Adams, one’s home is one’s castle -- except for the possibility of second-hand smoke.

Next came the article revealing that second-hand tobacco smoke can kill our pets. We are not sure who funded that study, but it is of interest that someone did.

Finally, on July 24 smoking tobacco made it to the front page in Jim Therrien’s article "Snuffing out youth smoking." The Pittsfield Board of Health took the courageous step of requiring the purchase of two cigars at a time, thus striking a blow at those smokers who only want one cigar, or who cannot afford two. The Board of Health also banned smoking tobacco in the Pittsfield Parks and playgrounds, a rule that may inconvenience those smokers from the Mill Apartments of Adams who had fled to the Pittsfield parks to light up.

And to think, some folks call Massachusetts a "nanny" state. That’s clearly wrong. The Eagle is always telling me where I can go to get a drink. Somehow, cirrhosis of the liver is not a serious worry, although second-hand smoke will get your every time.


New York, N.Y.


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