Letter: Rubio negates his presidential future


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

After reading Ruth Marcus' op-ed commentary on Sen. Marco Rubio's stance on climate change in the May 15 Eagle, I feel compelled to give out some voting advice to all Americans.

I will never tell someone who to vote for, but I will strongly suggest to voters who not to vote for. If Sen. Rubio doesn't educate himself better on climate change and seeks higher office, I urge voters not to vote for him. As he is the father of four children, I am surprised by his nonchalant attitude about climate change. I am also puzzled how a skeptic of scientific research sits on the Senate Committee on Commerce, SCIENCE, and Transportation.

Actually, I am more puzzled by the lack of a committee solely devoted to climate change. We need to act now on environmental issues if we care about the world our children and grandchildren will be left with.

Sen. Rubio has stated that he is "on the side of parents whose mission in life is to build a strong and prosperous America their children will be blessed to inherit." Well, Sen. Rubio, it may be a strong and prosperous America we pass along to future generations, but if we don't take action now it will be no blessing for them.

It was back on Earth Day 1995 that Kenny Loggins sang on the National Mall "one with the earth, with the sky, one with everything in life, I believe we'll survive if we only try ... how long must we all wait to change." How long, Sen. Rubio, can you stay in denial of the scientific facts that have been presented for years and look around the globe today and not accept the obvious changes attributed to manmade activity?

I would like to recommend a book by the late Stephen M. Meyer, a professor of political science at MIT who died of cancer in 2006. The book is entitled "The End of the Wild" and was published in 2006 by MIT Press. It is a Boston Review Book which categorizes it as an "accessible, short book (90 pages) that takes ideas seriously ... is animated by hope, committed to equality, and convinced that the imagination eludes political categories."




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