Letter: Rush to judge heroes of anti-abortion movement

Rush to judge heroes of anti-abortion effort

To the editor:

I'm writing in response to the Jan. 28 Eagle editorial on the indictment of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt by a Houston grand jury over the Planned Parenthood videos. There's only indictments, no trial, no verdict, but the editorial has declared them guilty and proceeds to lynch them. Even Pittsfield's drug dealers,thugs and murderers get the "alleged" tag.

There is another side to this. We have two dedicated young people who out of love for the babies at risk and knowing the fire storm they would face from Planned Parenthood and its allies, gave up three years of their lives going undercover to document the real face of the abortion industry. Compare the Planned Parenthood employees in the videos (edited or not) who make decent people sick at heart with their callousness and greed. Who are the heroes here? No contest!

The Eagle belittles and disrespects David and Sandra by not even naming them. They are called "conniving," not pro-life but "anti-abortion activists," their three years of work "bogus" and their motivation "deceit." Why? The short answer is: don't disagree with a liberal's prized agendas. They will bully and bury you with name-calling,lies and disrespect. They don't want any discussion, they want to shut you up!

Always protecting the brand, even before Houston Planned Parenthood lawyers were all over California trying to get videos seized and David arrested. While Cecile Richards insists to Congress that Planned Parenthood is innocent her lawyers are working their allies in the courts to slap David with a RICO indictment, the federal racketeering statute designed to take down organized crime and drug cartels by stripping them of every penny and possession.

This is a favorite Planned Parenthood tactic, attacking a bothersome gnat with a wrecking ball to ruin, punish, intimidate and bully David or anyone who would dare to oppose or expose the monstrous lie that is Planned Parenthood.

The editorial stating "abortion is the law of the land" only works if you accept a deeply flawed Supreme Court decision engineered on lies and emotion by "conniving" pro-abortion groups, "craven pols" and justices. The Supreme Court once made slavery "the law of the land," and that "bogus" ruling caused people of faith, conscience and good will to protest, debate, publish, agitate, work and pray to end slavery's scourge on our nation.

Today's pro-life movement is no less determined and dedicated to its cause than its brothers and sisters of 160 years ago. Like slavery, Roe v Wade will collapse under the weight of all the lies cowardice and deceit required to keep it in force. We too shall overcome!

Leo Delaney, Dalton


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