Letter: Sacred ground defiled in Great Barrington


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I was born and raised in Great Barrington. My mother still owns her house and spends time here. My father passed away several years ago. When I am in town I visit his grave site, I was appalled that people were taking their dogs there to urinate and defecate. There is a law that any animals there should be on a leash and that the owner can therefore be responsible that this doesn't happen.

My family paid for the grave site and its upkeep. I want this sacred ground respected. Some of our citizens do not. Therefore I feel that the law should be amended to disallow animals in the cemeteries. There should be a fine against the owners if their dog is found or seen there and the owner's name should be published so that all may know who is degrading our sacred places just as if they had written graffiti on a church.

I have two dogs. When I walk them they are curbed and I clean up after them if they defecate. If that is too difficult for these disrespectful people they might try letting their dogs use their own yard as a toilet!

I have written to our local officials and appeared before the Selectman Board for three years but their response has been lip service at best. How about putting some teeth into it?



Mar Vista, Ca.


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