Letter: Sanders can triumph as independent candidate

Sanders can triumph as independent candidate

To the editor:

The Democratic National Committee decided that Hillary Clinton will be its candidate. Therefore, Hillary had use of all the state-run Democratic systems. Bernie Sanders received nothing from the DNC.

The news media, especially the cable stations, realized that Donald Trump was a natural attraction that would keep the viewing public enthralled. They also decided that the election would be Donald versus Hillary. Bernie had the lowest amount of airtime of the three.

So what is Bernie's secret? Bernie goes through the primaries, winning many, and will win California. Then, one week before the Democratic Convention, he will announce that he will run as an independent.

Everyone who had voted for him in the primaries voted for him because of who he is and not because he was a Democrat. They will follow him as an independent. Bernie does spectacularly well with independent voters. In some states where independents were recorded, Bernie won at least 60 percent of them.

He does not need the Democratic Party, especially considering how it has disrespected him. All the polls show that he can win against Trump and will easily win against Hillary.

If Bernie is elected, he would be the first independent president since the first six presidents, five of whom were founding fathers, and the sixth a son of a founder. Every president since then has had a major party affiliation, but considering the unprecedented fact that a person like Trump is the Republican candidate, anything can happen.

Bernie's election would be the beginning of a revolution that will benefit all peoples, not just in the U.S. but worldwide.

Rocco Cirigliano, Richmond


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