Letter: Sanders candidacy is about welfare of all

Sanders candidacy is about welfare of all

To the editor:

I am very disappointed in the editorial page column by Steve and Cokie Roberts titled "Why electing women to US political office is important" which was featured in the Feb. 16 Eagle.

The commentary criticizes young women voters for their support of Bernie Sanders. Women's rights are certainly an important issue in our society and should be a part of the agenda of our next president and congress, but social justice for all should be our foremost priority. I applaud these young women for understanding that the welfare of all comes before the welfare of one particular group.

We live in the wealthiest country in the world. Everyone should have a job, a place to live, food to eat, healthcare, and access to an affordable education. Through greed, many business entities, institutions, and individuals are destroying what our democracy should represent and accomplish. We will never be united as a country until we learn to take care of each other, and there is nothing more democratic, spiritual or religious than that.

If the avarice of the majority of the affluent is allowed to continue, our country will be facing a potential class war which may endanger our whole way of life. America needs to be that "shining city on a hill." We should be an example to the entire world of what a free, tolerant, and caring society is.

Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to make this a reality. He is a leader who believes in social justice not only for women, but also for minorities, the gay community, the middle class, and the lower class. Our government is failing us, and Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to instill the values of charity, faith and justice into a government which is falling deplorably short.

We know that there will be a female candidate in the near future who is the most qualified person to lead this country, and when that time comes, I have faith that Americans will elect that individual. We have a responsibility to elect the most qualified person to lead our country regardless of their gender, and at this moment Hillary Clinton is not that individual.

Joseph Barresi, Pittsfield


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