Letter: Sanders jeopardizing all he has accomplished

Sanders jeopardizing all he has accomplished

To the editor:

Sen. Bernie Sanders has accomplished a great deal by influencing Secretary Hillary Clinton in particular and the Democratic Party in general to adopt a more progressive agenda. History will give the senator a great deal of credit for that and his views should certainly be represented in the Democratic Party's platform and he should be given a prominent speaking role at the party's convention.

However, he has lost the Democratic presidential nomination.

Compared to Sanders, Clinton has obtained about 2 million more primary votes, 200 more pledged delegates to the party's convention, and about 800 more total delegates. Sanders has come further than he, or anyone else, thought, but he needs to face the fact that he has lost.

It is a shame to see Sanders spoil what he has accomplished. His present behavior can best be described as: "If I can't have it, I'll make sure that she doesn't get it."

This attitude is just as impulsive and ill-considered as presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump's outbursts have been. Sen. Sanders' behavior increases the probability that Trump will have his finger on the nuclear button, browbeat our allies and sidle up to our antagonists, nominate the next Supreme Court justices, influence decisions about women's dignity and the rights of women to choose when to give birth, etc.

Is this the attitude you expect of a wise politician and potential president? Such petulant behavior is unworthy of Sanders, who has accomplished so much.

Sigmund Tobias, Pittsfield


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