Letter: Sanders leading fight for a more just society

Sanders leading fight for a more just society

To the editor:

We are voting for Bernie Sanders on March 1 because he is the candidate most likely to stand up to the big corporate monied interests and bring about the changes we so badly need.

Of course Bernie can't do it alone; no one can. Big money will continue to run the show unless we the people stand up and demand our due. We need a movement, and that's just what Bernie is leading. As people across the country learn about him, they see a leader who truly "walks the talk." He won't be indebted to big corporations or big donors; he doesn't have a super PAC and his average donation is under $30.

The kind of excitement Bernie is generating is what wins national elections and brings about social change. Bernie Sanders is of the highest integrity; he has been consistently fighting for a fairer distribution of wealth for decades. He sees the corruption and he's not afraid to call out the culprits. Like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie wants to break up the big banks — "too big to fail means too big to exist".

Bernie asks: In a country of such great wealth as ours, why is it that we are not able to deliver healthcare as a right to every citizen? Why can't we make public colleges free? Why can't we have a minimum wage that is a livable wage, rather than leaving hardworking people to require public assistance? These are not new ideas; these programs already happen successfully in many other, less affluent countries.

We have the wealth, it's just concentrated in a small number of very deep pockets. It's time they pay their fair share and we stop subsidizing companies while they rip us off to feed their shareholders and CEOs. These are big challenges, but we surely we won't win if we don't try.

So join the movement, believe we can have a more just society in which everyone has a shot at the American dream. Vote for Bernie Sanders in the Mass primary March 1.

Cheryl Rose, Henry Rose, MD, Dalton


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