Letter: Sanders loses respect in wake of backers' violence

Sanders loses respect in wake of violence

To the editor:

I used to like Sen. Bernie Sanders. I respected him as a man who decided to run for president because he felt he had something important to say. I can take the competition for Hillary Clinton because I believe in her and know she can stand on her own.

But the violence coming from Sanders' supporters is inexcusable. I am angry with him for not chastising them and making it clear that violence is not a means to an end no matter what their reason is. They should be told that violence never solves anything and, at the very least, only gives the Republican opposition a further excuse to continue the nastiness which has been displayed by the supporters of Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders can stay in the race for the Democratic nomination as long as he wants but he has lost my respect and that of many others.

Connie Dillon Yannone, Pittsfield


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