Letter: Save Cheshire's ruined treasure


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As a Berkshire county native and recent resident of Cheshire, I was more than a little dismayed to read about proposals to tear down the old Beechwood Nursing Home to make room for a Dollar General (Eagle, April 30). I’m back in Boston these days but even the small picture of the building in The Eagle reminded me of the spectacular beauty that surrounds the small town center in an abundance of mountain glory.

I know that the building has gone to ruin over the years but it has historic value. Even as a rest home it had a purpose greater than selling cheap plastic items. I know it was far from state of the art care but it provided a "home" for my grandfather, James O’Malley Sr., for some years where we often visited him enjoying the view from the spacious front porch.

This may give me a sentimental view of the place but I know I’m not alone in voicing the opinion that the refurbished building could become a gem of a centerpiece for the town -- a tavern, a restaurant, a B&B, historic museum or combination of all.

From my perspective having left Cheshire a year ago, I can only urge residents to save this potential asset and not detract anything from the beauty in and around your treasure of a town.


Winthrop Ma.


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