Letter: Save Taconic's Shakespeare program


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am a freshman at Taconic High School who participated in Taconic's performance in Shakespeare & Company's Fall Festival of Shakespeare. Taconic has been part of this festival for the past 22 years as one of the 10 Western Massachusetts and New York schools that spend nine weeks learning and performing the language of Shakespeare. It is very important to the students that participate as it gives many different types of people the chance to come together.

Unfortunately, we were informed in early April that Taconic has only been paying $3,000 of the required $13,000. The rest was being subsidized by Shakespeare & Company with grants and donations. However, this is no longer an option; Taconic cannot participate any longer unless we come up with the rest of the money needed by June 15.

We are now trying to raise this money in various ways such as setting up a gofundme page titled "Save Shakespeare at Taconic," obtaining a booth for the Third Thursday, hosting a car wash near the Stop & Shop on Merrill Road and other fundraisers. It would be incredibly tragic if a program that not only educates students on Shakespearean language but allows us to express ourselves would have to end after 20 years because of money. Any help we get to continue being a part of this wonderful program is appreciated.




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