Letter: School should lead on skate park issue

School should lead on skate park issue

To the editor:

I have attended both meetings of the Pittsfield Park Commission on the issue of the skate park. Having taught at Pittsfield High I am well aware of the off grounds lunch issue and school security. The off grounds lunch policy was initially for seniors and when it was found that they could not control who left the building it was expanded to students who had parental permission with a written form.

Most of the suggestions concerning the park were what the Park Commission should do. How about the school system?

First, the school should state to the students that the skate park is off grounds during the school day or your "off grounds lunch privileges" will be revoked. Second, they could have a teacher or the school officer monitor the park during the lunch period. I doubt anyone is going to the park if it is raining, snowing or during the winter.

Third, if the school system is so concerned about student safety eliminate the "off grounds lunch" all together. Having the "off grounds lunch" allows anyone to leave the building and anyone to enter with little possible control by the school.

John FitzGerald, Pittsfield


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