Letter: Schools must give try to later start times

Schools must give try to later starting times

To the editor:

I am a ninth grader at Mount Greylock Regional High School. I read the recent article about how some people think the starting time for middle and high schoolers should be later. I wanted to state my opinion about the matter. I believe it could benefit many students if school started later.

Many kids, myself included, stay up later in high school and middle school because the homework load starts to increase. If we have to get up early after staying up late, our brain is still very tired and we are not as productive. Also, at least when I am tired, I am not in a very good mood and I am definitely not as excited about learning as I may be with a full eight hours of sleep.

The article mentions that elementary school kids and middle and high schoolers could switch their start times. The younger kids could go to school earlier while everyone else goes later. When a person is younger, they do not need as much sleep to function. Also, when a child is younger, they go to bed earlier, so they could all probably still get about eight hours of sleep.

I think this is a smart idea because not a lot would have to change for the bus schedules. I understand that having the older students home later than the younger students may inconvenience some families, but overall, little details such as that could easily be worked out.

School systems could try this for a year or two, just to experiment and see the different behaviors when students get more sleep. If it does not end up working, we could just switch. We will never know if we do not try.

Hallie Anderson Williamstown


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