Letter: Seeking to continue work for town


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am seeking re-election to the West Stockbridge Select Board on Monday, a position I have enjoyed serving in for nearly five years.

During my term, I have been involved in the search and hiring process for a new police chief, full-time police officer, part-time police officers, town accountant and town clerk. These valuable employees have rounded out an interactive and professional team working for our taxpayers. I recommended forming a committee to study the need for a new apparatus for the fire department and approved its decision to purchase its choice. I supported the formation of a rent control board to give residents of the Mill Pond Park leverage in negotiating fees assessed to them by the landlord. I have been involved with the application for and receipt of nearly $3 million in state and federal funds for a variety of projects, improving the infrastructure and quality of life for West Stockbridge residents. I worked on the transfer of ownership of the Old Town Hall to the Historical Society which is now undergoing restoration to become another valuable asset to the town.

My work as Selectman has not been my first for the town. I served on the fire department for 20 years, as one of the town’s first EMTs for seven years, and 10 years as assistant chief. I was DPW superintendent for nine years and have been serving on the Board of Health for over 25. I have served on numerous other boards and committees during the last 30 years. I was involved with the construction of the transfer station, the sewer treatment plant, the well site and water system and the re-construction of the Shaker Mill Dam, the Card Pond Dam and bridges at Harris St., Center St., Swamp Road and Shaker Mill Pond.

I was raised, educated and now operate two businesses in West Stockbridge, where my family has lived and worked for over 250 years. It is my intent to continue serving the people of West Stockbridge in an honest and professional manner to ensure the vibrant future I foresee for this town. I ask that you consider casting your vote in my favor on Monday so that I may do so.


West Stockbridge


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