Letter: Seeking women to run for office in Massachusetts

Seeking women to run for office in state

To the editor:

The decision to run for public office can seem like a daunting one. That's especially true for women, who are starkly underrepresented in offices in Massachusetts and face unique challenges as female candidates. However, for every reason to not run for office, there are 10 reasons why women from Massachusetts should.

Maybe a woman feels like her needs and her family's needs aren't being prioritized by a Legislature that's 75 percent male. Another might be a retired teacher who can bring expertise and energy to her local school board. Others might simply look at the gender inequality in offices across Massachusetts and think, "Hey, our voices are needed too."

Emerge America recently launched a campaign called #WhySheRuns to highlight Democratic women in office and to shed light on the forces that initially drove them to run. The #WhySheRuns videos are inspiring for a lot of reasons, but mainly because at the core of every woman's decision was the same thing: a desire to create positive change in her community.

The Bay State needs more passionate, qualified women in political office. At Emerge Massachusetts, we recruit and train Democratic women because we have confidence in their potential and know the value they bring to governments. Our programs give women the skills they need to take the plunge into politics.

We're currently recruiting for our next class. If you or a woman you know already has their reason to run, applications are available at www.emergema.org/content/application-process. We'll take it from there.

Ryanne Olsen, Boston The writer is executive director of Emerge Massachusetts.


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