Letter: Selectman Boyle walks and knows Dalton.

Selectman Boyle walks and knows Dalton

To the editor:

Have you noticed a Daltonian walking through town regardless of the weather? His is not a sunny day walk or a jog after work. It is a walk where he can see first-hand what is happening in our town. He is often stopped by residents and asked questions. He sees first-hand what is happening in any of our neighborhoods.

It is Selectman John Boyle. He truly experiences the pulse of our town. He recently helped our neighborhood with preserving protective zoning laws. His extensive knowledge of the updates on the Housatonic Street reconstruction project have been extremely valuable to all affected residents.

He is steeped in the history and intricacies of town governance. He has a long record of serving Dalton and the Select Board. He has strong opinions based on that history and is not afraid to voice those opinions. One may not agree but one knows where he stands. John follows the will of the people and the laws that govern us.

Our Select Board serves us well. Why change it? I encourage my fellow Daltonians to re-elect John Boyle. We need a selectperson whose feet truly hit the pavement, while most of us prefer gas pedals!

Dave Staples, Dalton


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