Letter: Self-driving cars can wait at the light

Self-driving cars can wait at the light

To the editor:

Automation engineers and artificial intelligence technicians are obsessed with self-driving cars, even with the problems they have experienced with exploding airbags, faulty ignition switches, sticking accelerator peddles and numerous faulty check-engine sensors. Then there is VW and Audi installing software that falsifies government required information for no reason except to maximize profits. Do we really want to trust these guys with self-driving vehicles?

Early one morning recently, I was waiting at a red light at a four-way intersection. No vehicles were to be seen. I continued to wait. Why don't we require that self-driving technology be tried out first by proving that sensors are able to accurately operate traffic signals to allow a green light when other approaching cars are a safe distance away and traveling at a safe speed? This might also teach drivers that traffic signals do not override driver responsibility to make the final decision on when it is safe to proceed.

Robert Gorden, Becket


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