Letter: Selling out Naumkeag unfair to neighbors

Selling out Naumkeag unfair to neighbors

To the editor:

The Trustees of Reservation (TOR) have decided that their Prospect Hill property, Naumkeag, located in Stockbridge, should become an entertainment, function, and night club, fundraising establishment.

They are advertising a "Naum-kegger" event, which winks at a frat-party reference, to be held on the terrace with music and alcohol. With the many unfortunate college fraternity headline news stories lately, I would have thought of a better name for such an event. They chose to hang a large banner at the base of their iconic Great Barrington property, Monument Mountain, to advertise this event. It really is a eyesore in the rural setting of Monument Mountain Reservation.

The TOR will also host music and alcohol events every Thursday evening throughout the Summer at Naumkeag. Naumkeag sits on Prospect Hill surrounded by neighborhoods of families who would like to enjoy their peace and solitude on a summer evening.

There are at least three weddings planned for the property this summer that will last into the late evening hours as well, with the requisite music and alcohol.

The cadre of entertainment and event planners that we have met at recent meetings hold no resemblance to the folks in khaki work clothes that we used to know as representatives. The traffic from these events will further disrupt our neighborhoods at a time when we are usually quieting down for the night. Alcohol is an easier way to make money, I guess, instead of a solid, long-term fiscal plan that doesn't disrupt and endanger quiet neighborhoods.

Let me leave you with this quote from the TOR website for the aforementioned Naum-kegger. "Celebrate the summer solstice at Naumkeag! Drinks will flow and the bonfire will glow for this annual party. Live music will fill the air so we can dance the night away." This quote speaks volumes to the Trustees' mindset for the future and concern for their neighbors.

Gary Pitney, Stockbridge The writer serves on the town Planning Board.


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