Letter: Send Hillary-haters a message on March 1

Send Hillary-haters a message on March 1

To the editor:

Here we go again. Throwing mud on Hillary Clinton. It has almost become a parlor game. Who can come up with the most vile, unsubstantiated hatefulness and then post it as fact.

I will be the first to admit that she does not walk on water. She is not "one of us" and quite frankly I don't want a president who is like me or my friends. I want a strong president who acknowledges the problems I have and has the intellect to solve them.

I remember when the greatest thing to say about former President Bush was that he was a guy you could have a beer with at a bar. Look where that got us. I believe John Seven got it exactly right.

In the most recent tirade, the author of a letter to the editor evidently has some information that never made the mainstream press such as firing staff members to make room for Clinton cronies and Arkansas friends. I can more easily work with people I know and trust than someone who just has a job at the White House. Its been said that if Hilary got caught jaywalking it would make negative headlines.

I guess because she didn't leave her husband when he had alleged affairs with other women but instead worked with him to save her marriage makes her unsuitable for standing up for women who have been raped or abused. Neither was the case in her marriage.

I cannot apologize for her speaking fees because that provided additional income. The market pays what the market demands. Ben Bernanke gets $200,000 to $400,000 per speech. I know I would much rather listen to Hillary than Bernanke, especially after having watched "The Big Short".

When I hear or read what some people say or write I have to wonder if they are active in any political party or if they have ever supported a candidate, either Democratic or Republican. I am surprised by what some Bernie supporters are putting out. I do not believe that this is what he truly believes Can you imagine if Hillary supporters had tapped into Bernie's private plans for the campaign that she would not have been crucified. To Bernie's credit he fired those staffers. I cannot believe he really hates Hillary. He is in a fight and he wants to win but at what cost?

I have always been a Hillary supporter and worked for her in the 2008 primary. I am proud of what she has accomplished despite being in the public eye constantly. She needs us all now to keep America strong.

Please remember to vote on Primary Day, March 1. This is a very important message to send to other states that we want Hilary Clinton to be our next president. March 1 is a very important date. Please vote for Hilary.

Joyce Wrend, North Adams


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