Letter: Shameful undermining of Stockbridge attorney

Shameful undermining of Stockbridge attorney

To the editor:

OMG, I turned on the TV to watch the Stockbridge Selectman's meeting July 11. I thought I had happened on to the Syrian Parliament debating health care for women. What is happening to our town?

I won't comment on most of the outrageous maneuvers by the newest member of the board, but I would like to concentrate on the attempted removal of town attorney, Ray Miyares. When I ran for Selectman against John Beacco, Mr Miyares was already the town attorney of record. I was not a big fan of his as he had ruled against the three-foot safety fence at the town park which precipitated my running for office. I learned to respect and appreciate Ray and his ever-wise counsel.

My grandfather was the first lawyer in the city of Hollywood, Ca. (1910), my father practiced for over seven decades and my brother practiced in the family firm for many years. I grew up discussing the law at every meal. Believe me, I know a good lawyer when I see one. The thing I most enjoyed about Ray was that he was accessible. If we had a problem or a crisis or just a question we could tap into his knowledge within a hour. In the nine years that I served the town I never knew him to strike a bad note. He was as sure-footed and dependable and loyal as any town official could possibly ask for.

Shame, shame, shame on the two members of the board for the underhanded and questionably illegal attempt to pull this off. Thanks to Steve Shatz for his level headed adult behavior.

I'm afraid that what I predicted in my recent Jan. 22 piece about bullying town officials until they either leave or retire is sadly coming to fruition. Wake up Stockbridge, time is growing short

J. Cristopher Irsfeld, Stockbridge


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